Other Projects

JAMS Postcards

Postcards to advertise the Jams event, printed and distributed on campus.

Created: 4x5 postcard, 11x17 poster

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop

Floor Map and Stamp Flyer

These are used during an open house event to inform students about the different resources available in that particular floor.

Created: 11X17 posters, 8.5x11flyers

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop

Tutoring Hiring Flyer and Logo

Recruitment flyer used for hiring new tutors, and logo used for emails and flyers.

Created: 8.5x11 flyer

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Warning Signs Poster

Informative posters, these are emailed to faculty, and staff in the college.

Created: 11x17 double sided poster

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Other Flyers

Flyers for other events, and programs in the college. 

Created: 8.6x11 flyers

Tools: Adobe Illustrator