Personal Project

Holiday Cards

Over the years I have received many holiday cards from friends, to return the favor and to reach out to the friends that have moved to far away cities, I decided to create my own holiday card.

My Mustang is my pride and joy, an icon that my friends know me by, so it was easy to pick the main feature for the card.

The most challenging card so far has been the coaster. I designed the coaster first, once the actual coaster arrived, I proceeded to design and print physical card since coaster had to fit on the top of the card.

Making these cards has been such a fun and positive experience that has helped me keep in contact with all my friends. 

Created: Mailing postcards.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator.

2019 Holiday Card

My favorite card so far, I wanted to surprise my friends with coasters, I also wanted to make a mirror design.